The Law Enforcement Training Committee

The Law Enforcement Training Committee (LETC) is one of five core committees of the North Texas Crime Commission. The purpose of this committee is to provide tuition free contemporary training to all North Texas law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and first responders and their agencies. Each year, the LETC provides over thirty thousand hours of free training to thousands of first responders. The LETC meets quarterly to prioritize training topics, venues, and levels of support to approximately 30 trainings per year. Every program is monitored for quality assurance and the ability to duplicate necessary classes if the demand is greater than what could be accommodated. The LETC has formed strategic partnerships with several agencies and groups to provide the free training. Several of the partnerships include: Texoma HITDTA, Eastfield College Department of Criminal Justice, DEA, FBI, and the North Texas Police Chief’s Association to name a few. The LETC has one or more fund raisers each year to provide the budget for training initiatives. The Committee also accepts donations from corporations and individuals to help fund the programs. For more information regarding the training programs or if you wish to volunteer, please contact the NTCC at 214-965-9000 or email