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Our Mission is to grow and maintain a viable, strong and effective membership within the North Texas Crime Commission Organization, with our primary focus to interact with all branches of Law Enforcement, Local, State, and Federal Lawmakers, along with Local Neighborhood and Business Community Members.
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Our Objective is to be a stronger and larger obstacle against crime, aware that there is strength in numbers, also knowing the information we share is valuable for the continuous improvement to the quality of life and vigorous growth to our regional economy.
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Our Goal is to increase our individual and corporate memberships and continue to focus on membership retention. To increase executive participation including elected and appointed officials.  “FIGHTING CRIME IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS”.


Our monthly membership breakfast meeting is the premiere networking opportunity in the criminal justice community. Guest speakers at our breakfast meetings keep our members abreast of the latest developments associated with making our quality of life in our businesses, communities and schools as safe as possible.  


Chairman's Circle Benefactor's Circle
$10,000 $5,000
Advisory Circle Corporate Membership
$2,500 $1,500
Non-Profit Membership Individual
$500 $125
Law Enforcement (Police, Sheriff, Fire, Judges, Prosecutors) $50